Garlic and herb

Cinnamon sugar vanilla

Jalapeño Rye bacon beer  

Bacon and blue cheese

Loaded baked potato

Jalapeño Lime

Rosemary garlic

Salted caramel

Peppercorn and sage

Lemon and Herb

Chocolate Honey

Blueberry Pistachio Honey

Buffalo Blue Cheese

Everything Butter

Berry Butter

Maple bacon

Tarragon & shallots

Cranberry orange walnut

Cranberry holiday

Sun-dried tomato 

Grill Butter


Bacon Beer 

Red Wine butter

White Wine butter

Whipped Chocolate Wine

Black cherry BBQ Bourbon

Whipped Honey

Sugar Cookie

Orange Sunrise Butter

All signature butters are 4 oz

pistachio honey butter.jpg
garlic and herb pile.jpg
whipped honey.jpg

Whipped Honey Butter

clarified butter.jpg

Clarified Butter

Hamburger with Loaded Baked Potato butter!

loaded baked potato on burger.jpg

Ribeye steak with Bacon Blue Cheese Butter!

steak with bacon blue  cheese.jpg

Steak with Red Wine Butter

steak with red wine butter.jpg

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