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Hi, I am Noelle! I have been a nurse for just over 7 years now and a stay-at-home mother to my two boys for the last three years. Family is the most important thing to me so when the opportunity presented itself for me to stay home and raise my children while still doing private nursing care, I never looked back. It was my time spent home raising my boys that helped me become an entrepreneur.

 I wrote my first children’s book this year which my youngest son is the main character of and I have another book coming out about my oldest. After COVID-19 hit on top of the heavy load I was carrying already, I had to start homeschooling my boys. This is when I knew I had to find a way to save some time throughout the day but also still be able to get quality family time in.


I have always spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing quality meals for my family. You could say being a great cook has always been in my blood so sacrificing quality flavors and ingredients was out of the question!

I came up with a solution to make homemade compound butters. These compound butters are packed with strong bold flavors and are nice to use in a hurry. When I wanted to spend less time making dinner and more time eating it with my family these butters changed the way I cooked. I knew I could not be the only person out there feeling the same way so, I opened the Gourmet Butter Shop! As it turns out, people love my compound butters just as much as my family does! I’m thankful for the opportunity to help another family get back some quality time, without having to sacrifice the quality of the food coming out of their kitchen.

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Our Gourmet Butter Shop


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